How to find, create, market, and sell your products

on Amazon and beyond

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Have you ever thought about this?

Owning your own business. Creating freedom you’ve always wanted. Generating the income you know you deserve and need to impact your life and that of those around you?

When was the first time you dreamt of being your own boss and opening up time for the things that really matter?

If you’re here, I know it’s because the entrepreneurship “bug” has bit you. Perhaps you have dipped your toes to test the waters but quickly thought that it was, “Too overwhelming, too scary, too expensive and not reachable”.

I’m here to tell you … IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!!

Selling on Amazon (and beyond) has changed my life, and it can CHANGE YOURS TOO!!

When I left my job as a news anchor in the Dominican Republic, I knew I had to find a new way to make a living. The news wasn’t my jam anymore, and the new and foreign language wasn’t my strength either.

But I needed to figure out how I could make a living without having to go back to school or try to convince employers that my accent wasn’t a limitation. How could I set my own hours and slowly but surely keep growing? How could I possibly imagine a bigger salary than I have ever had before?

And then I figured it out … SELLING PRODUCTS ONLINE!!

I had sold physical products online before but it was never a business. It never hit me that the fun game I did for years; buying the one bag that was on sale and reselling on Ebay could be the basis of a multi-six figure business!

From Retail Arbitrage to Private Labeling and Creating my own products, I have had plenty of experience, including making my first six figures in a very short six months.


I have now gained enough insight to confidently guide you to start your own journey.

Are you looking to start your OWN PHYSICAL PRODUCTS BUSINESS ON AMAZON and beyond?

Here’s the thing - Selling products online can be a simple hobby or a life changing experience.

Perhaps you make your own art and want to find a way to resell it.

Maybe you have a great idea but need to find a manufacturer.

Maybe you simply want to put your name on products that already exist and become a brand owner!

We will teach THIS and much more in the Product Biz Journey!

And who are WE?

We like to call ourselves, “The Selling Siblings”.

For this project, I have teamed up with my brother, Emilio Rodriguez, who also has gone through the product biz journey.

Emilio experienced the beauty of “passive income” with his Amazon business. After he created his own product, he sent the product to Amazon and passively waited for it to sell.

No close looks, tweaks or ads - a simple way to “see what happens”.  After passively earning an extra $15k in his first year, he realized that this is a great business and with the right tools; attention & work, he could make a very good living.


And to give you an idea of what's possible, this was just one month worth of sales!

What could an extra $15k do for you in your life in a year? How about double that in a month? And if you take it seriously, would a six figure business change your life?


If you are ready to learn, we’re here to help!

Module 1: Getting Started

    • The big idea: Get clear on your ideal product and business model.
      • Finding ideas when you haven't started.
      • Choosing a product that fits your life and profit desires.
    • Profit Clarity: Gain clarity on your true desires for your business and life

Module 2: Making it happen

  • Ways to make or find your products: Develop a system that you can implement easily and suits your personality and business model
      • Homemade products
      • Dropshipping
      • Retail arbitrage
      • Private Label
      • Manufacture your own line
    • Growing: How to execute your business hiring help as you need and liberating your time for the things that matter.

Module 3: Let’s sell!

  • Amazon: Start your Amazon business and get covered "from A to Z"
    • How to start your Amazon business
    • Winning listings
    • Amazon fees & Fulfilled by Amazon

Module 4: Make some noise

  • How to get the most out of your products and sell like a rockstar:
    • Packaging ideas
    • Free and paid Advertising
    • How social media can help you win

What you will learn in this course:

When you finish this course, you will have the basic information needed to find, create and sell products online, with a business set up for success.

  • How to find the best products to sell, test them and order/manufacture.
  • Gain clarity on profit and fees.
  • How to set up and start your Amazon business
  • How to order products abroad

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