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I’m so honored to see you here! I’m Susana, the Latin entrepreneur success and manifesting coach. I help soulful and spiritual female entrepreneurs work on their business with efficiency while up leveling their money mindset, so that they can break through the consistent 6 figures mark with ease, guiltless and empowered.

I am here to take away YEARS and GENERATIONS of karma, sabotage, guilt, and doubt and turn that into your strongest tool towards success.

Whether you have a product business, a coaching practice, offer services or simply dream of starting your own success story, I guide my clients towards abundance and success, uncovering the limitations and setting a game plan for the next level.I am just a girl from a small town in the Dominican Republic, with BIG dreams and a desire to connect and empower passionate women.

My accent? I am just a girl from a small town in the Dominican Republic with HUGE DREAMS for you and I. 

I believe that rich, empowered, successful women can change our countries and future generations.

Before this entrepreneurial journey started, I was a news gal! But here’s the thing, I’m a highly energetic being, and working as a news anchor drained me (Argh, bad news all-day-long!). So, I moved to the United States in “my pursuit of purpose”. From Los Angeles to Washington DC, I have been blessed with the right people at the right time, and these people helped me discover ways to connect with my purpose, passion, and growth. And that’s when my business re-started!


The idea that we can make a great living, have a positive effect on people’s lives and be excited in the process really feeds my soul!

After having a great success on my Amazon business, designing my own planners and reaching thousands of women, I realized that success is best when shared. And this is where you and I connect!

If you’re here, you also believe in following your passion, working on something that excites you, gives you freedom, expands in all ways possible; economically, emotionally and beyond!!

And I would love to help you.

I believe that rich, successful, empowered women can change the world. 

I believe we can raise a family and a business with the right plan.

I believe money is energy. And we can do better, bigger things with it. It’s our duty to work on our money story.

I believe in the power of tribes and real connection. [Hence my Facebook group]

I believe in eating healthy, whole foods as much as stuffing our faces with pizza and cake. [Balance]

I believe that speaking with an accent and writing with grammatical errors is better than not expressing at all. [Hola, spanglish!]

I believe life can be EASY if we stop and listen to our inner voice.

I believe there is an unlimitted abundance waiting for each and everyone of us.

    • Manifesting and Success Coaching for the spiritual and soulful entrepreneur. I work with my clients from the root of sabotage, helping them create an action plan that sets them up for success. If you are ready for a game plan that sets you up for success:

  • Planners and stationery – I am super passionate about the power of pen and paper and cute stuff! [store link]
  • We teach you how to start your own product based business.
    • I have teamed up with tech-savvy, business-craze and super successful brother, Emilio Rodriguez, to teach you all we know about creating and reselling our own products on Amazon and beyond. [Product Biz Journey]

If you’re ready to call ABUNDANCE your homie, and turn sabotage into success, let’s have a chat.

I am ready to work with passionate women that know there are better opportunities out there available. If you’re tired of wishing, of not taking action, of only dreaming, then you’re ready to start.

Contact me HERE.

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